This week, Steve-O posted on Instagram that he is ‘bracing’ for the death of his troublesome Jackass co-star Bam Margera.

Margera, 43, with a long history of substance addiction issues, is now on tour with Steve-O.

But, an Instagram chat between the two revealed flaws in their relationship, with Steve-O accusing Margera of cheating and stating, ‘You’re dying, brother, and it stinks that I can’t do anything to save you.’

Margera started the feud by posting a vintage photo of himself trapped between Steve-O and their Jackass co-star Johnny Knoxville.

Margera, who sued Knoxville for unfair termination from the 2021 film Jackass Forever but subsequently abandoned the case, has since had a turbulent relationship with him.

In the caption of his since-deleted Instagram throwback, Margera wrote: ‘One arm is a close friend who had my f***ing back all along, another arm is a poser. A professional creator thief. If Jeff Tremaine were in this picture, he’d be too greedy to fit in.’

In 2021, Jeff Tremaine, a Jackass franchise producer and co-creator requested a restraining order against Margera, accusing him of harassment.

‘F*** Jeff,’ Margera said in his new caption. Remember I had that tattooed on me a long time ago, Jeff? It’s because I’ve always known who you were. With love and respect, @steveo.’

Steve-O left a lengthy reply, which he quickly deleted, indicating his heartfelt reaction to his friend’s alleged behavior.

‘Bam, last night you were on stage with your five-year-old son at my show, and you were blessed with the opportunity to spend another day or two with him – then as soon as you left my show, you stayed up all night getting loaded enough to think it was a good idea to post more vile nonsense like this,’ he began.

‘I hope you realize how terrible that is. You claim to want a relationship with your son, yet your actions guarantee the opposite.’

‘I brought you on tour with me in the hopes of getting you to realize what’s possible if you choose recovery,’ he explained. I’ve tried everything, but I can’t make you be honest or perform the work of healing.’

‘I wish you could know how much I’ve dreaded feeling braced for news of your death, but you’re making it apparent that I have no other choice,’ he ended. You’re dying, brother, and it stinks that I can’t save you.’

He erased the tweet but said he still believes what he wrote and is willing to assist Margera in becoming clean if he is serious about it.

Margera has joined Steve-O on tour, assisting his problematic former Jackass co-star with new content and comparing him to Britney Spears.

The 48-year-old comedian has made Margera, who claimed he was ‘essentially pronounced dead’ at a hospital in December, his opening act for his The Bucket List Tour, and the two buddies are currently on the road.

The duo has been playing to sold-out crowds nationwide, kicking off Bam’s comeback after many stints in rehab and various health issues.

According to TMZ, Steve-O recently astonished his audience at the Elsinore Theatre in Salem, Oregon, last weekend when he pulled Bam on stage and assisted the professional skateboarder in working on his content.

‘My great friend Bam here is fresh to the idea of putting together an act,’ Steve-O explained. So I’m here to assist Bam in figuring this out. So, please introduce yourself.’

‘Oh, I’m Bam Margera, and I’m the Britney Spears of Jackass,’ Margera answered.

The Viva La Bam singer discussed his relationship with the pop sensation, embroiled in a highly contentious 13-year conservatorship in which she accused her father of mismanagement and abuse.

‘…I’ve had a legal guardian making my decisions for a year,’ Bam explained. ‘A judge has stripped me of all my rights, and I just finished my rock and roll tour of 10 different rehabs in Florida for a year and a half.’

Bam, sitting across from Steve-O onstage, told the crowd that he got his credit card tattooed on his arm since it had been confiscated from him so many times in rehab and jail.

The ink came in handy when Margera and his fellow rehab patients were escorted to the movies.

‘They wouldn’t buy us popcorn or soda, so I returned with all this motherf***in’ popcorn and Coke and handed it to everyone.’

Steve-O eventually asked a straightforward and amusing question, which triggered an emotional reaction.

‘And with all the rehabs and jails, what’s the plan now?’ he chuckled to Bam. ‘You see… I can pull back the veil and tell you I wanted to bring Bam on tour because I’m very f***in’ scared about him.’

‘It’s become quite uncomfortable, Bam, to be bracing for the news of your death,’ Steve-O said to the crowd. I’ve been bracing myself for that f***ing bad news, and I can’t take it anymore, guy.’

‘So I wanted you to come on tour, remain close to me, see what’s possible, and help you put together your act,’ he added.

‘You have this arc,’ Steve-O said to Bam. ‘All these amusing pieces, jokes, and stories. It’s all for naught if it doesn’t have a happy conclusion in which you end up happy, healthy, a good father, and succeeding in your work.’

‘And that is what I want for you, brother,’ Steve-O remarked, capping off a poignant moment.