‘He has never met her, sadly,’ Owen Wilson’s ex-wife Varunie Vongsvirates reveals as his look-alike daughter Lyla turns three. ​

Owen Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates revealed that he has yet to meet his only daughter Lyla.

According to Vongsvirates, Wilson, 52, has never had contact with the youngster, but he does spend time with his two older children, Robert, 10, and Finn, seven, whom he had with different mothers.

On Saturday, Vongsvirates shared a photo of their daughter on social media to commemorate her fifth birthday. In the photo, the blue-eyed and blonde tiny girl looked exactly like her famous father.

‘Unfortunately, he has never met her.’

Varunie Vongsvirates, Owen Wilson’s ex-girlfriend, uploaded a photo of their daughter Lyla to celebrate the child’s fifth birthday.

The tiny child is wearing a beige sweater that says, ‘Love will win.’ ‘Happy 3rd birthday to my wild child!’ said the caption. ‘I love you!!!!’

Varunie said that she had pushed the 52-year-old actor to get engaged in the life of their daughter Lyla.

According to the 37-year-old, her previous lover is ‘not involved with their little girl and has never even met his youngest child.

‘He helps financially, but that’s never been the point,’ she explained then.

When asked about it, she continued, ‘Lyla needs a father. It’s odd that [Owen] keeps getting father roles; in his current film, he plays a father who has never met his daughter.’

Wilson portrayed Nate Pullman in the 2017 film Wonder.

In the streets: Wilson was photographed in Malibu with his two sons, Finn and Robert, in May 2020.

Vongsvirates was spotted out and about in Los Angeles in 2019.

Varunie and Owen had a casual flirtation in Malibu in June 2014 after drinking coffee.

Varunie and Owen dated casually for five years before breaking up. In 2018, he got a paternity test, which confirmed he was the father.
Varunie gave birth to their daughter on October 9, 2018, without Owen.

He allegedly ‘checked the no visitation box in court in June’ and does not want ‘any custody of her,’ according to a source.

According to reports, Owen Wilson does not want custody of the infant.

The single mother attended a baby shower in July while holding her child. ‘My only outings are for Ashlee; I’m looking forward to this new chapter in your life!’ ‘It’s the best,’ she said.

Wilson’s reps have been contacted for comment by DailyMail.com.
Owen has two boys, the eldest of which is a 10-year-old called Robert, after Owen’s father.

The actor welcomed Robert with his then-girlfriend Jade Duell, whom he allegedly split up in 2011.

He also has a seven-year-old son named Finn by fitness trainer Caroline Lindqvist, with whom he has recently rekindled their romance.

Varunie, Owen’s daughter, released photographs of her child on social media in 2019; Lyla, like her father, has brilliant blonde hair and baby-blue eyes.

Caroline was reportedly divorcing their then-husband, plastic surgeon Ritu Chopra, around the time of her pregnancy with Finn.

Owen discusses parenting his first two children during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote his 2017 film Cars 3.

The happy father, who refers to Robert by his middle name Ford, expressed how much tiny Finn looks up to his elder brother.

‘It’s incredible. Whatever Ford says is the funniest thing ever, and I can make a joke and get silent. It’s nothing like anything from those people.’