Six boys from New York endured the sour jokes and mockery of their colleagues because they had long hair, but when their mother found out, she cut them all!

When the others realized what was really behind their decision to let their hair down, they had a moment of shame and burst into tears.

Phoebe Kannisto’s six children, two twins, a 10-year-old boy, and a set of triplets, all boys, live in Cheektowaga, New York.

All six children let their hair grow extremely long, which is why they experienced a daily mockery from their schoolmates.

Nobody knew what the real reason was for the 6 kids to simultaneously decide to let their hair grow so long.

Not even their parents knew the reason behind this decision. Although they were so young, they had a very special reason.

They had a family friend very close to their age and they cared a lot about him. This close friend had died of cancer.

What they remembered very well was that their friend no longer had hair before he died, which was due to cancer treatment.

Being very affected by the loss of their friend, they thought of doing something for the children who are attacked by this terrible disease and who suffer from hair loss.

Their idea was to let their hair grow very long, in order to later donate it to a non-profit organization that aims to support children suffering from this disease and, implicitly, from hair loss due to it.

After months of struggling to grow and care for their hair, the long-awaited moment came, when their mother found out the reason for this decision and decided it was time to go get a haircut.

When they found out about this, all the people were amazed by the maturity and solidarity shown by six children so young.

The children’s work was not in vain, because they were very surprised when they saw that they gathered a total of 5 meters of hair.

Everyone who laughed at them and pointed their fingers at them was amazed at their success.

This should teach us that if these children have been able to endure so much to support their fellow human beings, we should all try to help those in need as best we can.