A 25-year-old woman had a terrible “conversation” while shopping! She found a 3-meter snake in a supermarket on the spice racks. She also impressed everyone with the courage she had in removing the “unwanted customer.”

The 25-year-old was out shopping when she saw a 3-meter snake coming out of a spice rack in a grocery store.

Horror-related images have already gained popularity on social media and throughout the Internet.

A 3-meter snake was found in a spice rack in a store.

The 25-year-old saw a three-meter-long python emerge from the shelves as she was walking through the spice section.

“I turned my head and saw him 20 inches in front of me, looking at me,” Helaina Alati said.

In the northwest of Sydney, Australia, there is a suburban area with a lot of vegetation where the store is located. The young woman who made the unexpected find is also an expert in snakes. She also concluded that it was a python diamond, a large and dangerous snake.

It appeared to be pleading, “Can you please take me out,” as he stared me in the eyes.

The young woman instantly alerted store staff after filming the snake, and they told her they could help her if she went home and grabbed a special snake bag. After that, she returned to the shop. She only needed to tap the snake on the trail to make the python enter the bag on its own. Helaina released the snake far from populated areas, in the vegetation zone encircling Sydney’s urban region.

The fact that the 26-year-old has reptile rescue training was beneficial for everyone. Her pals make fun of her and call her “the snake girl,” alluding to a scene from one of the Harry Potter movies.