Tim Young and Paul Hullings, two New Jersey firefighters, went to a coffee shop one morning for breakfast. They were extremely tired after 12 hours full of events.

The waitress who served them that day, Liz Woodward, heard the two firefighters talking about the tiring shift they had had and decided to surprise them, according to viralthread.com. At the time which Tim and Paul went to pay, they were speechless.

The two did not receive a bill, but a totally surprising message.

“The breakfast it’s on me today. Thank you for saving people who need help and for running to places where others are running to get out. ”

Excited, the two thanked the waitress for her wonderful gesture. Tim shared this story on his Facebook page:

“Such a noble and distinct gesture. I recommend you go to Liz’s cafe and if she happens to serve you, leave her a big tip. ”

And the story doesn’t end here. Firefighters learned that Liz’s father, Steve, was quadriplegic and had been paralyzed for 5 years. Liz founded a special page in the winter to raise enough money to buy a special car for the disabled. Tim mobilized his Facebook friends to make donations to Liz’s account.

In just a few days, she raised $ 70,000 – far more than the $ 17,000 she needed.