Jacinta Masters went to a nearby clothing store to return some baby items, but she was told she could not get her money back since her card had changed since she had purchased them.

Jacinta Masters felt overwhelmed by emotions and started crying at that point. What has actually happened?

The mother appears to have lost her baby, who was lifeless in her womb, and after dealing with this terrible thing, she was forced to go to the hospital to have her pregnancy induced.

When the cashier learned the whole story, she quickly went to the manager with the intention of returning the woman’s money. Jo, the cashier, also came back with a lovely blue blanket that she had purchased with her own money.

The pregnant mother posted an extraordinarily emotional message on Facebook that quickly became popular:

“This is a letter that I’m writing to Jo, the lovely person who helped me at the store. You didn’t recognize me. But one morning, I went to return the clothing I had purchased for the unborn child that was still inside of me.

I was informed I couldn’t return them since I had changed my card. I began to cry and explain loudly that I was on my way to the hospital, that my son had passed away, and that I didn’t want to see his clothing when I returned home while I was weeping.

I could tell you were being genuine the moment I said it. You approached the manager and convinced him to give me the money and take the clothing. When I gave birth to him at the hospital, you gave me a blanket to wrap him in. It was one of the items I needed that morning.

You approached me, gave me a tight hug, and allowed me to cry on your shoulder. The blanket had clouds on it and was blue.

It was perfect.

I told you you were an angel when I started weeping once again.

I was speechless. I had no idea how to express my gratitude!

I cried the entire drive to the hospital. I cried and hugged the blanket for fifteen minutes while I stood in front of the hospital gate. Although I no longer remember your name, I still want to express my gratitude for what you did for me.

I’ll always remember what you did for my kid. You are a wonderful angel and I thank you with all my heart.“

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