The prom is one of the most significant events for high school students since it signifies the conclusion of their time in school as well as their transition into adulthood and a new phase of life. It is a happy time, but it requires a lot of planning.

The 16-year-old British girl Shannon Purcifer eagerly anticipated attending the prom, but she was forced to stay home since her classmates ridiculed her.

Shannon’s life had been difficult; she had battled a number of illnesses, including rheumatoid arthritis and ulcers. Despite this, she had purchased a stunning outfit for the special occasion but ultimately decided to stay at home.

Her colleagues made fun of her diseases so badly that the girl thought she simply shouldn’t go to the prom.

Her mother, Claire, posted a Facebook message about the entire incident:

“Shannon would have had a gorgeous outfit if she had attended the prom tonight. But, “thanks” to her awful colleagues, she didn’t want to go mix with the mess that made her so unhappy. For a young child who had to struggle through so much…

She is one of the strongest young women I know, and her mind is even stronger. I love you, darling!”

Strangers and friends started contributing after her mother’s message went viral so she could give Shannon the amazing prom she deserved.

Shannon’s private prom was a success thanks to the 120 motorcycle riders who showed out to support her and accompany her to the event. Her mother cried and got to her knees when she saw this.

100 guests attended the prom; it was a wonderful evening. Everyone is impacted by the teenager’s wickedness in comparison to weaker kids in schools. Call a teacher immediately once you know a kid who is going through anything similar.