When a woman woke one morning, her husband was sprawled out on the concrete floor. You might think it is strange, but there is a valid reason for it.  l was impressed by the true reason this father spent the night in such misery; he most certainly moved me.

When Amy Palmer awoke, she discovered her husband Andre curled up on the floor in the fetal position. She took a photo of him, but after explaining the reason, it quickly became popular.

It appears that the son of the two was being treated in a hospital. The devoted and diligent father, who worked the night shift, left his other kid with a babysitter and hurried to the hospital to visit his child and wife.

The baby was peacefully sleeping in the crib, and his fatigued wife was sleeping in a hospital chair. The father chose a spot on the floor near the crib despite the fact that he was exhausted since he didn’t want to bother his wife and put his own comfort last.

Here is what Amy said about the image: “This is the image of a father who works hard and is completely dedicated to his family. After working all night (his third night shift!), He ran here to the hospital to be with his child. He’s so tired, but he’s here. The award for “Best Father of the Year” goes to Andre Palmer! I love you more than I can express words, darling.”