Ruffles are Kristine Moore’s preferred brand of potato chips. For the past 20 years, she has consumed chips every day. She had no idea they would be the thing that saves her life.

One day while eating chips, a particularly sharp one sliced through her throat. She asked her spouse to use a flashlight to look around.

She added, “I took a bite of a chip and didn’t eat it fully, so it poked me in the tonsil.”

Looking at her husband’s expression, Kristine realized something wasn’t right. Her tonsils had an odd form. Kristine visited a doctor because the severe pain didn’t go away.

After scanning her, an oncologist found a tumor-related growth in her tonsil. If the potato chip hadn’t become stuck in her throat, she might not have realized.

“The potato chip injury did help her catch cancer early,” Oncologist Dr. William Wisbeck thinks it would have taken her another year to find anything.

Kristine will get chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but it is expected that she will fully recover.

In the words of her husband Bob, “She saved her life by taking a mouthful of one particular potato chip on one particular day, at a particular moment.”

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