Doctors were reportedly shocked by Nicole Ziesemer, 31, of Michigan, US, when she gave birth to her first child, but she continued to have pain because “something else was in there.”

A first-time mother was being stitched up when the nurse discovered a second head and realized she was having twins.

During her pregnancy, Nicole only had one scan, which she underwent the day she gave birth.

Cabe is thought to have “hidden” behind his sister in order to avoid being found.

Nicole, a native of Grand Haven, Michigan, is pleased to be at home and to welcome the two new family members.

The 31-year-old, who worked in insurance before becoming a mother, said: “It was crazy. Although we were overjoyed, it was a complete surprise.”

“In reality, no one noticed that I was carrying more than one child; instead, they all remarked on how small I was.”

“Little did we know that the biggest surprise would not be the baby’s gender.”

“It was really scary when they said something else was inside of me.”

She continued, “When they told us it was another baby, I honestly asked her if she was lying.”

“I couldn’t take it all in since I was still in so much pain and unable to process it all.”

“But it’s getting harder for me to imagine having just one child now. They seem to fit together perfectly.”

“I enjoy the thought that they will stay together forever.”

Nicole had planned to deliver naturally at home with just a midwife there, but when her waters broke at just 36 weeks, she had to go to the nearest hospital, Gerber Memorial in Michigan.

Because she had severe morning sickness the entire pregnancy, the new mother decided against using medicines and instead relied on breathing exercises, a yoga ball, and chilly showers.

She had no scans throughout her whole pregnancy, with the exception of the one done the day her waters broke, as she preferred a “natural pregnancy.”

However, after more than 45 hours of labor, the expectant woman decided on an epidural and a suction.

Blakeley, who weighed 4 pounds, 4 ounces, arrived on December 30 at 10:06.

The physicians were concerned, though, because Nicole’s severe pain persisted even after delivering birth.

They discovered “something more was in there” just before Nicole’s vagina was going to be sewn up, she claimed.

It became clear that something was awry as the medical staff attempted to remove her placenta, and it was decided to undergo an emergency ultrasound.

59 minutes later, Nicole gave birth to a second child, this one weighing 5 pounds.

Due to his difficulty breathing on his own, Baby Cade was transferred right away to the nearby Spectrum Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

Nicole, who stayed with her daughter, said, “Over the course of the next three days, my husband spent most of his time with Cade. My daughter and I stayed inside to observe.”

“We were just trying to comprehend everything since we were still in disbelief.”

“But in the end, all we cared about was their health—both bodily and mental.”

“The scan I had the day before I went into labor only detected one child, which is the most odd aspect.”

“They assume that Cade was hiding behind his sister, immediately in front of him.”

When they were eventually permitted to return home, the couple, who met online in 2012, went shopping for extras of all the baby items they had previously purchased for only one.

Nicole and her chiropractor partner Matt later discovered that twins and triplets run in Nicole’s mother’s family.
“It was amazing to read that my grandma’s cousins reportedly had twins and triplets; it seems to be somewhat of a family tradition,” she said.

“People frequently ask if we would get scans done if we were to have more children. I truly doubt that we would, though.”