Erika is 26 years old and has lost 125 kilograms by avoiding a single food.

When the young woman reached 192 kilograms, she knew that her way of life was not at all healthy. She wished to live a normal life, to go shopping and on holiday with her friends, but her weight kept her trapped in an unhealthy pattern.

As a result, Erika made the decision to lose weight. Because she knew what to do, the first modification she made was to eliminate a sort of food she consumed in excess – juice. Every day, she drank at least two enormous 2-liter bottles of sour juice.

The girl claims that it was difficult for her to break the habit, but she did so in the end, and the consequences were immediate. She gave up light, quick, and fast food and began eating healthier as a result of the juices. She began to lose weight after incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into her diet.

Her improved lifestyle enabled her to be accepted for bypass surgery, and she lost the last few pounds after the procedure. She currently weighs 67 kg, leads an active lifestyle, and is virtually unrecognizable.