Two elderly people in the United States demonstrate that love has no bounds.

What do newlyweds desire, and how does marriage feel at the age of 102? Their love story is told below!

Marriage at 102 years old!

John Cock, a 100-year-old former war veteran, has married Phyllis, who reached 103 on August 8th. The newlyweds adore their new life and the Ohio asylum where they live.

According to CNN, Phyllis hails from a long-lived family, and her mother lived for up to 106 years.

Retirees went to court last week to seek a marriage certificate, and they discovered they could marry on the spot.

“It wasn’t the plan, but we were there and they said they could marry us. ‘Well, let’s get to work,’ I responded.”  According to the source, John Cook stated. John and Phyllis argue that this is not a rushed decision because they have been living a wonderful love story for over a year.

“To be honest, we fell madly in love with each other. I know that may sound forced to someone our age, but we did it,” Phyllis Cook said.

They each have two active marriages and consider themselves fortunate to have found real love at this age.

“That was not the intention.”

“In many ways, we are compatible, and we have grown to enjoy each other’s company,” John explained.

The two American retirees spend all of their time together: they sit in the sun, eat, and ride on motorized carts through the corridors of the Ohio asylum.

“Congratulations on your marriage!” They decided to marry at the ages of 103 and 100, respectively! Love can be found at any age!

“Congratulations to the new couple,” said the asylum where they met and continue to live their love story.