Life for Jenny and Chris Marr changed dramatically during the coronavirus pandemic. The woman was supposed to give birth to triplets, but she had shocked. The doctor informed her that she had given birth to four identical boys.

She gave birth to identical quadruplets in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic

Jenny Marr of Dallas, 35, gave birth on March 15, just two days after President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency in the United States after the coronavirus overshadowed the world.

Jenny knew she was pregnant with triplets, but when it came to her, the woman found out that she had identical quadruplets, while the hospitals were under siege by coronavirus infection.

So Jenny gave birth to four identical boys in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. Representatives of the hospital where the woman gave birth said it was a rarity for a woman to give birth to four identical children.

“Having children during the pandemic was an unforgettable experience. All of the staff at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital have made our children a priority for care and safety, ”said Jenny.

The mother only saw her babies after two months

The four boys named Henry William, Harrison Foy, Hudson Perry, and Hardy Smith spent two months in intensive care and in the hospital’s special care unit.

The quadruplets needed special care from the hospital because they were born prematurely and there was no risk of infection with the new coronavirus.

“It was 5 weeks earlier than we expected and I was worried we would spend so much time in the hospital,” Janny said.

The situation of the Marr family is a rarity, with Dr. Brian Rinehart of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital claiming that there are only 72 cases with identical quadruplets. All families with identical quadruplets were taken by surprise at birth, as this is not seen during pregnancy.