THEY WERE TOLD NOT TO EXPECT ANYTHING on the day in question, but thanks to their new baby girl, Lucy, this Queensland couple received an extraordinarily unusual surprise.

Birthdays are always a family event, but this family from southwest Queensland has taken it to the next level with the birth of their mother, father, and infant on August 16.

Despite the fact that Lucy Marie Perkins wasn’t due until next week, she ended up being a surprise birthday present for Tom and Caitlin.

According to statistics, the chances of a child having the same birthday as their parents are 1 in 48 million.

Caitlin and Tom were born 50 minutes apart on the same day in 1986, which adds to the mystery. When the pair met during a school dance in college, they discovered this strange fact, according to the couple.

According to obstetrician Dr. Brad Robinson, while Lucy’s birth date was unanticipated, there was undoubtedly mention about it in the final weeks.

He claimed he had goaded the couple into inducing labor on the 16th, but Caitlin, the mother, was having none of it.

“Any day except the 16th,” she explained.

The couple, who reside in Dirranbandi, around 700 kilometers south of Brisbane, said they were overjoyed to have a healthy, happy baby.

When it came to giving gifts, Tom stated they were “generally fairly decent.”

“This year, I was the only one who delivered a gift,” Ms. Perkins added.

“When we turn sixty and she turns thirty, we’ll probably throw a large celebration.”