Being separated from one’s parents may be painful for any child, thus many kids find going to school by themselves upsetting, especially at first when they are adjusting to this new chapter in their lives.

Axel Johnson appeared thrilled as he prepared to start school. His mother Amy took a picture of him while he was waiting for the school bus, and he was all smiles.

But when it was time for him to board, his face changed, and he nearly started crying. Little Axel was certainly not as tough as he thought he would be when he had to depart from his mother.

The bus driver, Isabel Lane, noticed Axel’s expression change from joyful to sorrowful, but she was determined to persuade him that taking the bus and attending school with so many more students his age was not risky.

Isabel extended her hand behind her and Axel took it as he sat in the seat behind her. It was a lovely moment that Amy was able to photograph.

The fact that Isabel cared about the kids’ happiness showed that she was more than just a driver. She wanted Axel to understand that he could always rely on her, even if his mother wasn’t with him on the bus. The terrified kid felt at ease because of her attitude.

Amy decided to post the picture of her son and the bus driver on Facebook because she found it so intriguing. She anticipated that people would appreciate it, but she had no idea that it would garner such high praise.

Even the local police agency posted the picture, which received over 2,400 likes.

The compliments Isabel received surprised her. “I didn’t first believe it was that much of a deal.” She said, “I think this is something I’d do.”

But that was a noteworthy event. The following day, Axel was no longer terrified because he knew he had a friend in Isabel. He was smiling and eager to get out on his new adventure.

Thanks in large part to Isabel, Axel now anticipates each new day at school.

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