For high school students, the prom is one of the most important moments of school, marking both the end of school and the beginning of maturity and a new life.

It is a moment of joy, but it needs a lot of preparation.

Shannon Purcifer, from Great Britain, could not wait to go to the prom, but unfortunately, the 16-year-old girl did not participate because all her schoolmates made fun of her.

Shannon’s life had been hard, suffering from several diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis and ulcers, but she had bought a wonderful dress for the big day, but eventually chose to stay home.

Her classmates made so much fun of her illnesses that the girl felt she could no longer walk.

Her mother, Claire, wrote about the whole incident on Facebook:

“If Shannon had gone to the prom tonight, she would have worn a wonderful dress.

But “thanks” to her bad colleagues, she didn’t want to go to mix with the mess that made her feel so miserable. For a girl who had so much to fight at such a young age…

She is one of the strongest young women I know, and her mind is even stronger. I love you, darling!”

Her mother’s post went viral, and strangers and acquaintances began donating so she could give Shannon a perfect prom, as she deserved.

Shannon’s private prom was a success, it started with 120 motorcyclists who came to show their support, but also to escort her to the party.

When she saw this, her mother fell to her knees and began to cry.

The prom was attended by 100 people, it was an unforgettable evening.

The wickedness of children compared to weaker children in schools affects everyone.

If you know a child going through something like this, call a teacher right away!