Marilyn Monroe, the iconic Hollywood actress, left an everlasting impact on the film industry and popular culture. In 1962, just weeks before her tragic death, she collaborated with photographer George Barris for her final photoshoot. These captivating and intimate photos, many of which have never been seen before, were recently put up for auction in 2017. Let’s take a look at some of the best shots from this remarkable collection.

Rewriting Her Story

During the six weeks of the photoshoot, Monroe had a vision. She wanted to reclaim control of her narrative and showcase a different side of herself – far from the troubled star that the media often portrayed her as. She hoped these images would redefine her legacy, leaving a lasting impression on her fans.

A Birthday Celebration

Barris arrived just in time to capture Monroe on her 36th birthday, which fell on June 1st. The photos from that day reveal a radiant and joyful Monroe, embracing the new chapter of her life.

A Home Away from Home

Although Monroe had recently moved into her first Los Angeles home, the furniture hadn’t arrived yet. To create the perfect setting, Barris arranged for some shots to be taken at the house of a real estate mogul named Tim Leimert. These photos exude a sense of comfort and warmth, capturing Monroe in her element.

Ready for Her Close-Up

Monroe and Barris had a close relationship that allowed for intimate moments to be captured behind the scenes. One such photo shows the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes star adjusting her makeup in the mirror, revealing the meticulousness behind her glamorous persona.

The Last Location: The Beach

The final location for the shoot was the beach, where Monroe posed gracefully against the backdrop of sand and surf. These images, both in color and black and white, showcase her timeless beauty and captivating presence.

Marilyn and Her Team

For this important comeback shoot, Monroe enlisted the help of her most trusted stylists, Agnes Flanagan and Whitey Snyder. Their collaboration brought out the best in Monroe, as seen in the stunning photos that emerged from this session.

A Timeless Beauty

Despite being only 36 years old at the time of the shoot, Monroe was already seen as “old” in an industry that valued youth. However, these photos prove that age is just a number. Monroe’s beauty and charisma transcend time, making her an eternal style icon.

Unlocking Her Guarded Side

With her trusted collaborators by her side, Monroe appeared relaxed and unguarded in her final photoshoot. These images provide a rare glimpse into the real Marilyn – playful, confident, and vulnerable.

These stunning photos from Marilyn Monroe’s last photoshoot serve as a testament to her enduring legacy and captivating presence. They remind us why she remains an icon, beloved by millions around the world.