Challenging Outdated Notions

Candace Cima, a 76-year-old style influencer and proud grandmother, recently found herself faced with criticism for embracing fashion outside of traditional age expectations. In a photo she shared on social media, Cima confidently modeled a sleeveless midi dress, but not all reactions were positive.

“Unfortunately, there are still people with outdated notions about age-appropriate fashion,” Cima shared with TODAY. “But it’s time for that to change.”

Cima’s choice of a brown knit sleeveless dress paired with a sweater sparked mixed responses among the online community. Some comments focused on critiquing the fit and suggesting alternative styles. Others questioned the appropriateness of showing skin at her age. Yet Cima remained undeterred by these narrow-minded opinions.

Embracing her natural beauty, she responded, “It’s perfectly appropriate to have wrinkled skin at 76, and I’m not ashamed of it. Should I cover my face too just because I have wrinkles there?”

Challenging Fashion Norms

Cima’s journey as a fashion influencer began in 2019 when she recognized a lack of representation for older women in the fashion industry. Wanting to challenge the notion that older women should only dress conservatively, she started her own fashion blog.

“I saw an opportunity to talk about how to dress as you get older. Women have been conditioned to think they need to cover up because that’s what their mothers and grandmothers did,” Cima explained.

In a world that thrives on constant change and inclusivity, Cima firmly believes that age should not dictate one’s style choices. She advocates for embracing individuality and personal expression, regardless of society’s expectations.

“We need to shift the way we think about age. We don’t need to adhere to these old ideas in a modern world,” Cima passionately states.

Inspiring Confidence

Despite enduring countless rude remarks and unsolicited critiques, Cima remains unfazed. Instead of dwelling on negativity, she chooses to offer words of advice and encouragement to her newest and younger followers.

“Aging is a beautiful journey. Everything you have learned your entire life is now there for you. You are now the wisest you will ever be. Embrace it and be proud,” Cima lovingly advises.

Through her fashion blog, Cima continues to empower older women, encouraging them to embrace their unique style preferences and prove that age is no barrier to looking and feeling fabulous.

So, let’s join Candace Cima in challenging outdated fashion norms and celebrating the confidence and wisdom that comes with age. Embrace your individuality and dress in a way that makes you feel incredible, regardless of what others may say.