Although the Queen is renowned for wearing vividly colored jackets and matching wide-brimmed hats, when she travels in Scotland, it’s all about the tartan.

In September 2022, Queen Elizabeth appointed Liz Truss, the head of the Conservative Party, as the new prime minister. This was a royal first. The 96-year-old monarch appeared wearing a tartan skirt, which has long been one of her go-tos looks when visiting Scotland.

A pattern known as tartan is made up of alternating vertical and horizontal stripes in various colors.

When welcoming visitors to Balmoral, Queen Elizabeth is renowned for wearing varied tartan designs.

…or taking in a hike around the estate.

Here’s the future monarch matching with her younger sister, Princess Margaret, in tartan skirts as young girls!

The pattern is closely associated with Scotland since as Scottish kilts usually feature tartan patterns.

…tartan blankets are also the perfect way to stay warm at the Braemar Royal Highland Games.