Samantha Markle was invited to speak about Meghan’s rumored book on Dan Wooton’s GB News program.

Samantha Markle criticized the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, saying they both “need treatment.” She sparked outrage when she continued her criticism of the two on Dan Wootton’s GB News program, claiming they lacked “credibility.”

There was little sympathy, and various misogynistic sentiments were expressed throughout the text; Dan had read some of them out previously.

Furthermore, he did not appear to sympathize with the Markle family.

“You know, that’s water under the bridge,” Sam said.

“I wouldn’t expect any pity or compassion for our family coming from someone who would insult Her Majesty the Queen while she was ill, Prince Philip, and the entire British Royal Family with such disrespect.”

“I feel he is devoid of empathy, regret, and shame.”

“He needs counseling, in my opinion, because he is so immature and introspective that he is locked in an adolescent stage of hatred about a variety of difficulties.”

“I think that’s his hurdle; I don’t think he’s emotionally grown enough to think like an adult.”

Dan went on to say that, in his opinion, both Harry and Meghan should relinquish their titles before King Charles is crowned.

“What did you think about the threat of a second book and your sister writing a memoir?” Dan asked.

“Samantha, I’m interested in how concerned you are about this, given that Meghan’s book will put you and your family in the spotlight far more than Harry’s did.”

“No,” Samantha answered, “I think it is documented that there is a distinct divergence from reality, from Megyn Kelly to internationally respected psychiatrists.”

“The truth has a problem. I don’t accept anything she claims to be real because she has a reputation for being a serial liar.”

“I don’t believe it’s just Harry; I believe they both need treatment,” the speaker stated.

On Twitter, many GB News viewers urged Dan to “move on” because they believed he was “obsessed” with the royal pair.

“Poor Dan can join them in counseling because he is obsessed with them,” wrote TezzaShep in a post. Every damn night is so dull!

“Change the record,” said Dan, Moo, and Drew. “How many more weeks will you keep harping on this?”

“Oh my goodness, Is he still talking about them?” Debs wondered.

“Give up right now! My God! “There HAS to be something else going on in the world,” Janette added.

“What’s the matter with you, Brits? Don’t you have enough real problems to deal with?” @PirataHrvata tweeted.