Ireland Baldwin is telling the truth and is unconcerned about what others think. In December 2022, the model announced on Instagram that she was beginning a new chapter and expecting her first child. Ireland published an image of the actual pregnancy test after some suspected she was pulling a practical joke on her followers. “It’s not a dog, lol,” Ireland captioned the image.

Ireland’s well-known parents, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger celebrated the pregnancy announcement. Alec Baldwin and his children praised Ireland in a social media post by Hilaria Baldwin. “You’re going to be a grandfather,” one of their children said, pointing to Alec.

Basinger shared an Instagram photo of her and Ireland’s sonogram side by side. She talked about how her life had come full circle and how she had joked with her doctor about acquiring a pet. “I could have thought @irelandirelandireland was having a Beagle this last weekend when I saw at her most recent sonogram, 27 years later!” she explained. “Mother and daughter… and we’re expecting a new baby girl. In June, I can’t wait to meet this young Snoopy.”

Ireland and the model’s family’s pleasure at the pregnancy have created the idea that the model’s journey has been easy. But it turns out that the road hasn’t been easy. Ireland has now spoken about her pregnancy difficulties and her family’s role.

Social media can glamorize pregnancy and make it appear uncomplicated. On the other hand, Ireland Baldwin is becoming increasingly conscious of how difficult it may be. The model shared her difficulties on Instagram, writing, “Pregnancy is terrible. You expend so much energy on it. I was unprepared for that.”

Ireland made fun of her family while expressing her feelings about her future. According to Us Magazine, Ireland’s parents, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger separated when she was seven.

Ireland hinted at how this may affect her desire to start a family. “I grew up with a pretty cynical view of what true love looked like, and I’ve always wanted to have my children with someone who would treat us well and love us unconditionally,” she continued.

Even with the support of her musician boyfriend, Andre Anjos from Portugal, the model has had a difficult time. “Although Andre means everything to me, moving without family can be difficult,” she explained. “It’s difficult to be separated from family members I don’t want to associate with or who live far away.” Ireland bravely continued to share her difficulties without ever addressing the person who remarked. “It’s okay to be happy and sad simultaneously,” Ireland wrote in her caption. “I’m grateful but also struggling, which is perfectly OK.”