Sami Hayek is the only sibling she has, and she recently referred to him as “the best brother on earth” because of their close relationship.

As a result, when the actress learned that he had been involved in a terrible vehicle accident in 2014, it was undoubtedly a very worrying time for her.

Sami, who owns his furniture design firm, was rushed to the hospital after a pickup truck collided with the car he was driving.

Tragically, his companion, Grammy-winning creative director Ian Cuttler Sala, was killed in the crash and died at the scene.

Sami was treated for multiple broken ribs and facial injuries at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. The pickup’s driver, Alvin Javier Gomez, 20, was also taken to the hospital for pain in his body and a broken foot.

In 2016, Sami filed a lawsuit against Ford, alleging that the $165,000 2005 Ford GT sports car he was driving, which belonged to Salma and her husband, François-Henri Pinault, had a technical problem that caused his friend’s death.

Sami said the car’s transaxle had a “catastrophic failure,” sending too much power to one of the rear wheels and the vehicle careening into oncoming traffic.

According to Sami’s lawsuit, Ford was aware of the “need to conduct a recall” because similar incidents had been recorded before his crash.

According to Lt. Andrew Neiman of the Los Angeles Police Department, there was no evidence of alcohol or drug use at the time of the accident.

He did admit, however, that Sami may have been driving too fast, causing him to lose control of the powerful car.

“There was a loss of control that sent him fishtailing,” he said at the time. “Too much speed on a curved route tried to over-correct and regrettably crossed into opposing lanes,” Sgt. Stephanie Krajchir told KTLA after the collision.

Sami’s complaint against Ford and the investigation’s findings do not appear to have been made public.