For nearly his entire life, John Goodman struggled with alcoholism and depression. He admitted that if he could persuade himself, “nothing” would stop him from having a drink. He also said he appeared to be having a “walking heart attack”. He has, however, battled his demons and lived to tell the story.

John Goodman, a well-known performer, celebrated his 70th birthday. Prior to acting in films such as The Flinstones, Blues Brothers, Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski, and others, The Borrowers’ American actor had been sad owing to some tragic personal experiences.

Goodman has been open about his drinking problem throughout his career. The celebrity fought the illness for over 30 years. It had a significant impact on his life.

During an interview in 2012, he stated that his drinking was “absolutely” affecting his acting career.

“Temperament, Memory, and Depression,” the reply stated.

He talked about how “bad” his drinking had gotten.

“I mean, there were a lot of times when I could have drowned,” Goodman said. “I assume it wasn’t an overdose, but a misadventure.”

The celebrity quit drinking in 2007, but he admitted that staying sober every day was challenging. At one point, he began “having dreams” about finding some bourbon and downing it.

“I’ll go: Hey, I shouldn’t be doing that,” he’d recall.

“Waaah, that’s OK!” I’ll say. You do that all the time! You’re always sneaking it! No, I don’t,” I’ll say when I wake up. [The voices] concerned me at first. They’re only amusing now.”

“I want to keep coming to settings where there is good reinforcement,” Goodman continued, to avoid encountering triggers. “Because I don’t think anything on God’s green Earth could stop me from drinking if I really wanted to.”

Furthermore, he admitted that his drinking was driven by the “constant fear of unemployment” that comes with being an actor.

“It’s only alcohol. I’m an alcoholic,” he said. ” Regardless, I’d drink. Finding any kind of excuse is a necessary component of becoming an alcoholic. However, I’ve had a difficult existence in terms of stress. The business I chose is always tense, and I’ve contributed to the tension by drinking and using drugs. There was also the constant threat of layoffs.”

“I just denied what I was doing to myself for some reason,” he reflected. ” Given how I look, it’s a wonder anyone would ever hire me. I appeared to be having a heart attack on the go.”

Goodman enjoys acting and thinks that acting in a theater is a completely other experience. He equated it as being “fired from a cannon.”

“You get an adrenaline rush, and then you’re fatigued at the end of the evening,” the Roseanne star explained.

He remarked that filming a movie was an unusual experience. It took patience and long days. He noticed that a movie just drags on.

Because of his illness, the acclaimed theater performer regularly forgot his lines.

“I had a problem with it,” he stated. “The lines ultimately faded after a while of drinking. It also looked like a snowball. It simply confirmed my doubts about my ability to learn lines. Furthermore, I was wasting energy and punishing myself more than anything else. All I have to do is be cool, accept that there will be lines, and learn patience.”

Every day, he was tortured by a searing depression in addition to his ongoing struggle.

“A chemical thing, a brain thing… [a sense of] general discontent with everything,” he explained. “Nothing looks to be in order, and I am unwilling to act. I should be doing something else, but I’m not. It’s completely insane.”

Goodman, who has been married to Anna Beth Hartzog since 1989, helped him get clean in 2007.