“Irreplaceable friends,” Stewart said of his tragic losses on Instagram.

Rod Stewart is mourning for his brothers, Bob and Don, who died barely two months apart.

“It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my brother Bob last night, who joins my brother Don on the beautiful football pitch in the sky,” the music superstar and soccer superfan, 77, said on Instagram.

“I’ve lost two of my closest friends in the last two months. Goodbye Don and Bob, ‘irreplaceable comrades,’” he said in his eulogy, signing off as “Sir Rod Stewart.”

“It’s been a horrible 48 hours,” stated the Grammy winner on September 9. “We lost my brother Don at 94, and today we all lost Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at 96.”

“What a shame… My heartfelt sympathy to you all. “RIP Bob,” fellow Brit Piers Morgan remarked, while David Foster sent his sympathy to SRS.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, the British “Maggie May” singer is the youngest of five siblings, with two living sisters, Peggy and Mary.

According to The Sun, the family man — who has eight children himself – spoke highly of his siblings in 2019 during Mary’s 90th birthday party, saying that the elder siblings each had a role in raising him.

“These folks were essential in supporting me, helping me get into music, and being there for me,” Stewart added. “Whether it was football or washing my dirty underpants,” he remarked, adding that they had been “effing fantastic throughout my life.”

“Don, we’ve had our disagreements, haven’t we? The occasional punch-up, but I love you, and I love you, Mary.”