Drena De Niro, the actor’s daughter, has disclosed how her son passed away.

Leandro De Niro was discovered dead on Sunday, July 2, and Drena De Niro, Robert De Niro’s grieving daughter, has revealed the cause of death. He was 19.

When her beloved son went away, Drena announced the news on social media, but she withheld the details of his passing. The 51-year-old has reportedly revealed that Leandro passed away after ingesting drugs laced with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is up to 50 times stronger than heroin and 100 times stronger than morphine, even though there hasn’t been an official coroners report made public.

Leandro’s death was explained by someone on Instagram when Drena responded: “Someone sold him fentanyl-laden pills that they knew were laced but still sold to him. My son is now permanently lost to all of those people who are still selling and buying this [expletive].

Drena, who was raised by De Niro and his ex-wife Diahnne Abbott, posted on social media about the untimely passing of her son, calling him “My lovely darling angel. I have loved you indescribably since the first time I sensed your presence inside of me. All that was ever true, pure, and joyful in my life has been you.”

“I don’t know how to live without you, but I’ll make an effort to carry on and share the love and brightness that becoming your mother has made me feel. I wish that the love and admiration I had for you had been enough to save you. My darling, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry, @carlosmare. My sweet baby, rest in peace and enjoy eternal paradise.”

In a statement, De Niro said, “I’m extremely saddened by the loss of my cherished grandson Leo. Thank you very much for your condolences, everyone. We kindly request space to process our loss of Leo in private.”

Leandro’s father, Carlos Mare, my son-in-law, sent a terrible statement on Instagram with an old picture of him and his son holding hands. He stated: “We say farewell to our cherished son Leo with immeasurable shock and sadness. We appreciate all of your kindness and support, but we would like some space to absorb our heartbreaking loss right now.

“Thank you for your messages of support. @drenadeniro and our families are grateful,” Carlos wrote in a second message. Without Leo, “Love” cannot be spelled.

On Monday, Drena, Carlos, and The Godfather actor were all spotted at the funeral home of Frank E. Campbell in New York City. Later that night, Drena wrote another tearjerking Instagram post where she described hugging her kid for the last time.

“None of this is right or fair, and my heart hurts in a way I never knew possible while still breathing and barely functioning,” she wrote.

“Leo, my dear, I still adore you as much as the day I first held you in my arms. I held you for the final time at the funeral home, which was driven by the same man who picked us up from the hospital when you were born.

“I can’t believe any of this is real,” continued Drena. “You were kindness, acceptance, and love. YOU made everything bearable and every hardship lighter. Despite the fact that you didn’t deserve to die in such a way, I can only think that God required a strong, powerful angel for their army.”

“Until I am back with you, I will carry onto every second of every moment in my heart and memories. My heart will always be broken. You are loved by your family, your father, and me, and I love you with every beat of my sobbing heart.”