In the most recent “Gym & Fridge” video for ‘Men’s Health,’ the WWE legend talked openly about putting his health first after undergoing 26 operations in 10 years.

Since he formally retired in 2012, Hulk Hogan has adopted a positive new outlook.

The 69-year-old WWE icon discussed quitting alcohol in the most recent Men’s Health “Gym & Fridge” video, recalling his earlier wrestling days when he would have “three Miller Lites and two Tylenol” before a match and “probably 12 Miller Lites” afterward.

He admitted to the source, “I don’t drink alcohol at all,” stating that it had been six months since his last alcoholic beverage.

He said, “I had a bunch of crazy business problems and personal stuff going on, so it got to be a way to numb me a little bit.” “And I noticed that I was using alcohol too aggressively after my workouts. Therefore, I simply had to stop.

Hogan just consumes water and organic food these days. Since he was not “educated in terms of quality of food” when he was younger, he acknowledged, he is now learning what is best to keep him going.

He’s getting ready for his 70th birthday and promising to continue going to the gym and to lose weight. After wrestling took a toll on his body, Hogan says he’s already lost 40 pounds and counting thanks to lifestyle adjustments.

“Roughly 15 years ago, my body sort of gave out on me. I underwent multiple knee operations, and eventually, after wrestling for almost 40 years, my body gave up on me,” he claimed.

“I had one back operation, but it ended up needing ten back operations. It was necessary to replace both knees. The hips were both changed. I’ve had two facial operations as a result of having my orbital socket smashed twice.” And over the course of ten to twelve years, it ultimately required 25 or 26 procedures, plus a few more.

“Therefore, it changed the game for me. Everything changed for me as a result,” said Hogan. “And since I could no longer bear that much weight at the time and because I was in so much pain and aging, I changed my entire way of life. It is simple to gain weight when you are inactive and don’t wrestle or move around every night. I so made the decision to lose weight in order to reach a weight of around 265 pounds.”

Hogan claimed that since placing a high priority on his health, he is doing much better, eating well, and exercising frequently.

He told the newspaper, “I feel amazing, you know. Because a small bit of pain lets you realize you’re alive, without all the other extra stuff, you actually feel alive.”