Emma Caulfield has stated that she has multiple sclerosis (MS).

In a recent interview, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star, 49, revealed her diagnosis and explained why she opted to conceal her health difficulties for more than ten years.

Caulfield stated that in 2010, an MRI for a strange sensation on the left side of her face led to a diagnosis.

“I returned a doctor’s office missed call… Caulfield told the newspaper that he told her, “You have MS.”

“I felt as if I were outside of my body. ‘No, that’s not going to work,’ I say. What exactly do you mean?”‘However, you may get a second opinion.’ It was literally like a nightmare,” she added. “‘Am I going to die?’ I wondered.”

Multiple sclerosis is an illness that affects the central nervous system of the brain and spinal cord, impairing one’s ability to think, feel, control their movements, see well, and balance. Some symptoms include numbness, tremor, and lack of coordination.

Each case of MS is distinct, with some people reporting modest symptoms and others developing severe disabilities.

Caulfield claimed she kept her sickness hidden because she “didn’t want to give anyone a chance not to hire me.”

Most performers are unaware of several reasons hiring is a bad decision. “You remind me of my ex-girlfriend.” You are far too tall.” You seem too tough. You seem too nice.” ” You do not have the correct eye color.”

The 6-year-old daughter she shares with her husband, WandaVision star Mark Leslie Ford, told the publication that she is ready to share her story since she no longer wants to hide her MS.

“I’m so sick of not being honest,” she said. “Aside from that, as every parent will attest, having a daughter has changed my outlook. I know she has a 30% chance of catching this; it’s just a matter of luck for her. She just started first grade. It made me think of her and how happy and active she is. She is a genuinely remarkable little being.”

“I’m not actually doing everything I can for her because I’m keeping my voice low,” Caulfield explained. “If I have a platform, I should be utilizing it. Even if it limits my ability to find work, it is preferable for me to speak out about it and try to support the MS Foundation and other groups that undertake research by going out there.”

The actress stated that she is “fine right now” in her MS battle. “It’s an odd thing to say, but honestly, my mindset isn’t breaking under the fear of “what if” or “what can,” or “what has” for other people,” Caulfield added. “I can only keep going.”