When Rudolf and Adolf Dassler founded Puma and Adidas, respectively, they never imagined that their once united family business would eventually split into two of the world’s largest sportswear brands. While Puma started with humble beginnings in Herzogenaurach, Germany, it has recently faced criticism for a sneaker design that some claim bears an unsettling resemblance to Adolf Hitler.

Before we jump to conclusions, it’s important to note that the similarity between the Puma sneaker and Hitler may be purely coincidental. However, the design flaw garnered significant attention once it was highlighted on the internet, leading to a spike in sales. Concerned individuals have raised questions about Puma’s choice of design, considering the brand’s historical connection to Germany.

The controversy surrounding the Puma sneaker design stems not just from its resemblance to Hitler, but also because of its name. The name of the design, reminiscent of Hitler’s Nazi party’s paramilitary wing called the Sturmabteilung (Storm Detachment), intensified the scrutiny.

Interestingly, the initial discovery of the Hitler-like design was made in Russia, a country currently under an authoritarian regime. A Russian customer sold their pair of shoes and shared the discovery with fellow sneaker lovers on social media. The issue quickly sparked a global conversation.

A customer from Brazil expressed their disappointment, questioning Puma’s decision to create a shoe that resembles Hitler. They believed it was detrimental to the brand’s image and called for a statement from Puma to clarify whether the design was intentional.

“In Brazil, we are fans and customers of Puma. We would like to hear your response,” the customer shared.

While some individuals accused Puma of using the Hitler likeness as a publicity stunt, others felt that the claim was far-fetched. Nevertheless, the incident has generated mixed reactions, with some people reconsidering their loyalty to the brand.

It’s worth mentioning that likenesses of historical figures, like Hitler or even Jesus, have occasionally appeared in unexpected places. For instance, a house in Swansea, Wales gained attention in 2011 when the shape of its roof resembled the face of the Nazi leader. However, the resemblance in the Puma sneakers is much more apparent than in the distant similarity found in architecture.

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