Zeta Jones and Douglas

The internet is buzzing about a recent photo shared by the talented and successful actress, Zeta Jones. In the picture, she can be seen sharing a heartfelt kiss with her beloved husband, who is an astonishing 78 years old. However, not everyone had positive things to say about this affectionate moment.

Many online users were taken aback by the noticeable aging of Douglas, her husband. Some even went as far as heavily criticizing the couple. Comments like, “I could hardly recognize Douglas,” “He has aged significantly and has become a wrinkled elderly man,” and “What did she see in him?” flooded social media.

Yet, among the negativity, there were also words of admiration and envy. Some users exclaimed, “She is married to an aged and unenthusiastic grandfather,” while others praised them, saying, “What an admirable couple! Envy them silently,” and “They are, without a doubt, the most beautiful couple in Hollywood.”

As different opinions clashed, one sentiment was clear – this iconic couple seemed to resonate with people. A user stated, “I myself love this iconic couple,” while another remarked, “Surprisingly, they look quite harmonious together.”

So, what do you think about the significant age difference between spouses? Let us know in the comments below!