With her most recent appearance, Priscilla Presley drew attention to herself. Elvis Presley’s ex-wife, who is almost 77 years old, wore all black from head to toe at the Met Gala 2022, which took place on May 2 in New York.

Elvis Presley’s ex-wife came on the prestigious event’s red carpet with Austin Butler, a well-known young American actor.

As soon as she was seen, all of the photographers aimed their cameras at her, hoping to get her in the finest possible postures, as the actress has been appearing in fewer and fewer public appearances recently.

Priscilla Presley wore a long, earthy dress designed by the Prada fashion house to the Met Gala 2022. She was dressed in a black headband, a dark handbag, and a large yellow stone ring.

It’s probable that the actress is still in a state of bereavement. Benjamin Storm Keough, the son of Lisa Marie Presley and grandson of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley, died in July 2020 at the age of 27.

At the same time, Anna Lillian Iversen, who would turn 77 on May 24, reported in August 2021 that she had died at the age of 95.

“It was just brought to our attention at the time. Today, my lovely mother left. It was the ray of hope in our life “On the internet, Elvis Presley’s ex-wife wrote.

Priscilla also acknowledged her mother’s importance in the family, as well as her mother’s care and selflessness. “He had no desire to do anything for her.

Everything revolved on the kids. Mother, may you rest in peace. You’ll always be there for us “, she said as the announcement came to a close.

Priscilla Presley’s life is shrouded in mystery. James Wagner, a Navy pilot, perished in a plane crash just months before she was born. Ann, his mother, remarried in 1948 to Paul Beaulieu, a Canadian Air Force officer.

According to biography.com, her family relocated multiple times before settling in Germany when she was a teenager.

Priscilla attended Del Valley Junior High School in Austin, Texas, throughout her childhood. He finished college in 1963 and married Elvis Presley in 1967, after meeting him in Wiesbaden, Germany, in 1959.

Their six-year marriage resulted in the birth of a daughter, Lisa Marie, who is now 54 years old. Priscilla began studying acting at the Malaga School of Dramatic Art after Elvis Presley’s death in August 1977. According to CineMagia, he also starred in advertisements, one of which was for Wella.

Priscilla inherited a sizable wealth as well as the Graceland mansion in Memphis, which she converted into a museum that draws people from all over the world.

In 1985, he released “Elvis and Me,” a biographical essay on Elvis Presley. According to biography.com, he created his own perfume line in the 1990s, followed by a clothes and cosmetics business.