Pauley Perrette, the 53-year-old actress renowned for her role as Abby Sciuto on the hit TV series “NCIS,” recently opened up about her journey as a survivor. In a heartfelt Twitter post, she reflected on the past year, which saw her battling a massive stroke. Pauley also paid tribute to the loss of her beloved family and friends, including her father and Cousin Wayne.

Despite enduring a series of traumatic experiences, Pauley’s resilience shines through. She emphasizes her gratitude for being still here, celebrating her faith and survival. Sharing her story through a video, she questions how many times she has cheated death.

In recounting her life’s challenges, Pauley recalls being hospitalized in 2014 due to a severe allergic reaction to hair dye used for her character. She also mentions being attacked by a homeless person. Yet, she perseveres, emphasizing her gratefulness for her rescue dogs and the positive aspects of her life.

After retiring from acting in 2020, following a season of the CBS sitcom “Broke,” Pauley acknowledges the hardships she has faced since then. However, she remains forever thankful for the good things that have accompanied her on her journey.

Pauley concludes her message by expressing her gratitude to her friends for their support and offers blessings to all who have been there for her. Her words serve as a reminder that life’s struggles can be overcome, and gratitude can light the way forward.

Through her inspiring story of survival, Pauley Perrette exemplifies the indomitable spirit of a warrior. She reminds us that no matter the challenges we face, resilience, faith, and gratitude can carry us through.