One of the biggest blonde bombshells of the 1970s, we all adored her in the sitcom Three’s Company.

Yet, Suzanne Somers has recently battled severe health issues, loss, and painful ups and downs.

Suzanne Somers has always been one of my favorite people because she is genuine, amusing, and encouraging. The well-known actress, singer, novelist, businesswoman, and health champion has shown her ability to think imaginatively and courageously.

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, she began acting by appearing in game shows, movies, and sitcoms. The 76-year-old actress rose to fame after appearing in Three’s Company, one of the best TV sitcoms of all time, as spunky blonde Chrissy Snow.

Suzanne was a show character that played the stereotypical dumb blonde. Many of us will never forget her as Chrissie from Three’s Company.

However, her exit from the series was acrimonious. All of the explanations for Suzanne Somers’ forced departure from Three’s Company involve money. Some suggest her concern was asking to be paid the same as the show’s “real” star, John Ritter.

After four seasons on the Emmy-winning TV show, Suzanne demanded a significant wage increase in late 1980. She was enraged because the men on the show were paid more.

The skilled actress decided to fight for what she believed in and demanded between $30,000 and $150,000 per episode. So, what was ABC’s response? They instructed her to walk.

“‘Who do you think you are?’ said the show.” People spoke with Somers. “‘John Ritter is the star,’ they said.”

Her friendship with the Three’s Company actors worsened after she departed the show. Suzanne and John Ritter had not spoken to each other in 20 years.

But, the actor contacted his former co-star shortly before Ritter’s death in 2003, and they reconciled.

“I’m at the salon. I haven’t spoken to him in 20 years, and the receptionist approaches me and says, “You have a phone call…” “It’s John Ritter,” Suzanne revealed.

“He said, ‘Hello, babe…’” Then he responded, ‘I forgive you,’ and it required a lot of maturity on my side not to respond, ‘You forgive me?’ So I say, ‘Thank you.’”

When featured in Three’s Company, Suzanne appeared to have a long acting career ahead of her. She was well-known and admired by the public and was destined for more prominent roles.

Despite this, the global sex queen struggled to maintain popularity after departing the ABC smash show.

Despite her attempts to excel on other TV shows, Suzanne could not recapture her success from the late 1970s.

She is now well-known for things that have nothing to do with performing.

The native Californian has written four diet books, two memoirs, and other self-help books. Suzanne is a businesswoman who believes in supplementary medicine.

Her goal is to age gracefully; no one can say she has failed. Many of her publications deal with aging and how to remain “Sexy Forever.”

Numerous people report that the 76-year-old strong woman still looks half her age. For what she has gone through, she is genuinely astonishing to be in such fantastic shape.

Suzanne was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2000.

“When you hear those three words, ‘You have cancer,’ — wow — that’s facing your death,” she said. “You never imagine you’ll be here forever.”

“I thought, how ironic – I was known as the Queen of the Jiggle on ‘Three’s Company,’” she said, alluding to her breasts. “I feel this happened to me as a sex symbol — whatever that is.”

Suzanne had a lumpectomy to treat her cancer. Although she declined chemotherapy, she did receive radiation therapy.

Notwithstanding the doctor’s advice, she treated herself with Iscador, a fermented mistletoe extract.

Suzanne decided to change her food and sleeping patterns after her treatment. The 76-year-old has long campaigned for a healthy lifestyle, and her breast cancer diagnosis in 2000 served as a wake-up call.

She now eats only organic cuisine and pampers herself with fresh herbs.

“Today, some people tell me that it’s a lot of work, given all the supplements and vitamins I take, all the hormones I rub on every day, the green drink I have every morning, the probiotics, and so on. “I always respond: Being sick is much more work,” she noted.

According to the celebrity, only eating “clean cuisine” has helped her preserve a youthful appearance.

“I enjoy how I look. I enjoy how I feel. I enjoy my energy. I know. “I have perspective, and I can tell you that aging can be a wonderful experience if you know how to embrace it,” she said.

On October 16, Suzanne Somers will turn 77 years old. She did it in her birthday suit in 2019 in a way that many of us can only dream about.

Suzanne can squat in a flower and grass field in the lovely photo. Several commended the former Three’s Company actress for being so open on Instagram, while others chastised her for acting in “bad taste” and claimed that she was “too old” to be working in this way.

“Suzanne “I’m sorry to say that, but I don’t think that photo is tastefully done; it looks awful,” one user commented.

“Jealous?? Hardly!! “I’m an extremely open-minded woman, but this photo lacks class,” another Instagram user commented.

“Suzanne just doesn’t look good anymore, flaunting herself in her old birthday suit. Suzi, I’m sorry, but you’re too old for this. Put on some elegance (if you can find it) and a t-shirt and jeans, and you’ll look hot.”

Even though some may find it controversial, the amount of love and support she received on her 73rd birthday proved otherwise. Many supporters took advantage of the opportunity to wish her a happy birthday. Others praised her for uploading a naked photo of herself on social media.

“I have to add that your smile says it all. If your actions cause you to grin at everyone, then go for it. You are stunning, and I believe you should not hide anything if it makes you happy.

You bring joy to all of your loyal followers, and to be honest if someone can’t handle you being you, they can walk on,” one admirer remarked.

Suzanne exudes warmth, modesty, and a desire to be honest about her health techniques.

Incredibly, she’s helped so many others with her honesty and books; many women prefer to keep their aging secrets to themselves—many thanks to Suzanne for bringing back so many lovely memories and inspiring me. You are an incredible human being and a living legend!