William Kyle Carpenter. You may or may not recognize his name, but there is no denying that he is a true American hero.

Kyle was commissioned as a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps at 21. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010.

A grenade landed near where Kyle and another Marine were battling during a battle. Kyle sprang into action without hesitation…

It was a split-second decision that spoke eloquently about Kyle’s tenacity but would affect his life forever. Kyle leaped on the grenade and used his body as a barrier to protect his companion.

He sacrificed his life so that his fellow Marine could be saved.

As a result of the subsequent explosion, he suffered severe injuries. His body was filled with shrapnel, and his skull and face bones were crushed. Kyle also lost a portion of his jaw, one of his lungs collapsed, and he was designated P.E.A. (patient expired on arrival) when he arrived back at Camp Bastion.

Kyle was required to have forty separate procedures over the next two years. He was awarded the Purple Heart for his valor and the renowned Medal of Honor, which President Barack Obama bestowed upon him.

Kyle has since retired from the military and is pursuing a degree at the University of South Carolina.

A genuine American hero. More about Kyle’s story can be found in the video below: