Magnum P.I., a 1980s CBS detective thriller, gave actor Tom Selleck his big break, and his thick mustache became his signature look for the rest of his career.

The actor has appeared in several iconic Hollywood blockbusters, including Three Men and a Baby, alongside Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg.

In Season 2 of the famous sitcom Friends, he made his debut as Richard Burke, Monica Geller’s older boyfriend.

Even though he is still seen on television across the country, rumors that he is ill have worried fans.

Let’s take a look at the singer’s health battle in light of allegations of “crippling arthritis” and publications claiming the singer has an “incurable sickness” that is “blinding.”

Viewers have questioned the 77-year-old star’s apparent limp when walking since the first season of Blue Bloods premiered in 2010.

Several major media outlets investigated a 2019 National Enquirer report that the actor’s labored gait was caused by “crippling arthritis.” Still, the father of two has never admitted to having any ongoing medical issues.

According to a source on the Blue Bloods set who spoke to the National Enquirer, the actor didn’t have much time left and had been hiding his health problems.

He has been suffering from a “host of medical concerns,” according to the newspaper.

According to another source, the celebrity has been using powerful steroids to combat a long-standing case of arthritis affecting his joints and movements. This could explain why some viewers noticed him walking with a slight limp.

Tom has spoken about how important it is to keep his life as private as possible, but he hasn’t stated whether the character’s limp is a choice or the result of an injury.

Tom, who is married to Jillie Mack, an English actress, did not address any health issues in his 2019 memoir, Untitled.

Rumors abounded about Selleck’s impending departure from the popular police drama Blue Bloods.

OK! The actor, according to reports, was “tired of the Hollywood grind” and preferred retirement because he has trouble breathing and maintaining “stamina” on set.

“Selleck is tired of the grind, and the show wears him down more and more each season,” according to the report.

Despite rumors, both Selleck’s agent and Tom himself addressed the future of his time on the show and completely dismissed any talk of his planned retirement.

Tom is not retiring, according to a brief statement from a representative. “The story is over.”

On the other hand, Selleck told People in 2020 that there was “a lot of life in the show Blue Bloods” as long as characters could grow and “become older.”

“Let me stress that it’s not like you can hire a new detective and bring him to the family dinner table,” Selleck said in another interview when asked if he would leave the show before it ended.

According to the National Enquirer, the actor has had vision problems.

One of the tabloid’s sources saw him visiting a Los Angeles eye doctor, prompting the publication to speculate about his vision.

According to the article, the singer’s rheumatoid arthritis medication could be a factor in his declining vision.

According to one medical expert, “that puffy chipmunk looks on his face is a sign of someone who has been on steroids, which are widely used to treat that illness.” Cataracts and glaucoma are side effects that, in the worst-case scenario, can lead to blindness.

However, a source close to the actor claimed that his vision had deteriorated following the visit. The same medical specialist suggested that he may have cataracts and glaucoma, which could result in blindness. In response to the allegations, a spokesperson for Selleck stated that the actor is in “excellent health.”