Ruth Jackson, Alan Jackson’s beloved mother, died at her home in Newnan, Georgia. She had been alive for 86 years.

“As the inspiration behind some of his fans’ favorite music, Jackson became a celebrated part of son Alan Jackson’s career and life story,” read a statement on Alan’s social media pages announcing Ruth’s death. The statement was made in response to Ruth’s passing

Mama Ruth was laid to rest on January 12, 2017, just a few days after she died.

The Newnan Times-Herald published an article about Mama Ruth’s funeral. It detailed Alan and his brothers’ perspectives on their mother’s life and death.

When Alan’s father, Joseph Eugene, died 17 years ago, he wrote a song for him called “Drive (For Daddy Gene).” As a result, Alan wrote a song for his mother the day before her funeral.

The title of this song, “Where Her Heart Has Always Been,” was reported to have appeared in the Newnan Times-Herald. Alan told the magazine that performing the song at his mother’s funeral was the “toughest gig yet” he had ever done.

Even though Ruth died four years ago, Alan is finally releasing “Where Her Heart Has Always Been” to the public. This song will be included on his upcoming album, “Where Have You Gone? ”

At the start of “Where Her Heart Has Always Been,” a video clip of Mama Ruth reading from the Bible is played, followed by a brief interlude of Alan’s performance.

When Alan sings about the day his mother died, one of the lyrics he uses is, “A gentle sound was calling low, ‘It’s time to go.’” In the chorus, he sings about his mother’s ascension to heaven, saying things like: “A gentle sound was calling low ‘It’s time to go.’”

“And now she’s reunited with her true love, and she’s dancing in the breeze. Wherever her heart has gone, she will always remain.”

The somber song will resonate with anyone who has lost a loved one, especially a parent. It can be heard in the audio clip below.

Alan’s anguish permeates the song, and you can hear it on every note. We do not doubt that he misses his mother terribly.