Oliver Hudson has returned to the good graces of his followers after reverting his recent hair transformation, which caused a schism among admirers.

Oliver is well-known for making his social media followers laugh out loud, and this was the case after he teased a somewhat unconventional hairstyle last week.

The actor shared a photo of himself with a long lock of hair falling over one side of his face while he was relaxing on his couch, wearing only a pair of Y2K-style sports sunglasses.

In light of his new look, he remarked in the post, “I’m not sure who I am now…”

Nevertheless, in his most recent Instagram post, he returns to a far more familiar side of himself for a very exciting cause.

The star brazenly announced Wednesday that he has officially shed quite a few layers of hair, posting a snapshot of bundles of brown hair scattered on the floor next to a salon chair.

Of course, he had to include a selfie, displaying his razor haircut, smoothed and gelled back hair, and a much dapper look than the previous image.

“The salad has been sliced!!” he said before revealing even more thrilling news about his future appearance in a much-anticipated play.

“A great day working in Malibu…” he wrote, revealing that he spent the day on the set of the second season of And Just Like That, the Sex and the City sequel series starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kris Davis.

Fans had just as many thoughts on his short hair as they had on his long hair, writing in the comments section of the picture, “Handsome before and after,” “Looking nice, OMG!” and “You look amazing!”