Celine Dion has been delighting audiences for decades, but the singer revealed that she was suffering from stiff person syndrome last year.

Rene-Charles, 21, and twins Nelson and Eddy, 12, will undoubtedly support the My Heart Will Go On singer during her illness. Celine’s social media feeds frequently focus on her professional career as she reaches huge milestones. Still, the adoring mother-of-three occasionally surprises followers with a glimpse into her personal life.

The kids have a great bond with their mother, as evidenced by all the personal photos she shares with her fans.

Celine typically indulges in big holidays, and her children join her to celebrate Mother’s Day. Celine had affectionately thrown her arm around her eldest as the boys had presented her with a sumptuous-looking cake with candles.

Celine’s daughters joined her onstage as she completed her Las Vegas tour in 2019. She clutched her tiny twins’ hands as visions of her family life flashed behind her.

Celine has visited the world extensively and brought her children on many of her journeys. In this adorable photo, the singer and her twins are preparing to leave Paris after a peaceful visit.

Last year, the adoring mother pleased followers by sharing a beautiful newborn photo of Rene-Charles to commemorate his 21st birthday. Celine reflected in a touching remark on how 21 “years of dreams” had passed as she urged her grown-up son to fulfill his life.

Celine shared humorous photographs of her twins at a photo shoot for their birthday.

Celine took a different approach for their tenth birthday, melting hearts with infant images of the couple. The photos were taken in the fall while the two toddlers played in the falling leaves.

Celine celebrates Mother’s Day with her three sons and the family’s dogs, and in 2021 she sat on a white sheet in a spacious garden with them.

Christmas is a happy time for families, and her children joined Celine in 2018 as they spent the holiday season with their gorgeous dogs. The singer wore a casual outfit as the family stood before a Christmas tree and many Christmas pillows.

On the other hand, Celine’s 2020 Christmas image was even cuter because the 54-year-old and her family were all dressed in matching Christmas onesies decorated with stars.

Celine has always been an outspoken supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, and in 2020, she and her twins will participate in Spirit Day, a day dedicated to combating anti-LGBTQ+ bullying. To commemorate the occasion, the three donned purple.

Celine rang in the new year in style, with the family gathered in her stunning living room, which still had the Christmas decorations up. To celebrate the new year, the foursome raised a reindeer cup!