Harvey Weinstein’s horrible career of sexual abuse and bad power use ended in 2017 with the development of the #MeToo movement and the plethora of women who came forward with their experiences of sexual assault and rape at the hands of the former film mogul.

Weinstein has been sentenced for a second time, years after committing sexual offenses. Weinstein was found guilty of his first conviction on two counts of aggravated sexual assault in February 2020 and sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Weinstein recently got his Los Angeles County penalty after over three years.

Two of the five felony allegations brought against Weinstein in New York County court in 2020 were judged to be true: criminal sexual assault in the first-degree and third-degree rape.

The two women who testified against him were Miriam Haley, a former “Project Runway” production assistant, and Jessica Mann, a former aspiring actress.

However, Jane Doe 1 was the focus of the most recent Los Angeles County trial. Weinstein was found guilty of “forced oral copulation, forcible rape, and penetration with a foreign object,” according to Meghann Cuniff’s Substack, a legal affairs writer.

As a result of this conviction, the disgraced Hollywood mogul will now serve even more time in prison.

Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 16 years in Los Angeles County on February 23 for his December 2022 conviction.

Jane Doe 1, the former model and actress who alleged Weinstein raped her in her hotel room in February 2013, was once again the victim of three sex crimes for which he was found guilty.

As this occurs, he is serving a 23-year sentence in New York. Because the 70-year-old is due to benefit from these sentences consecutively, it appears that he will die in prison.

Meghann Cuniff, a legal affairs reporter, tweeted that the disgraced billionaire filed a last-minute appeal during the sentencing trial, saying, “Please don’t give me a life sentence. I’m not deserving of it. This case has several difficulties.”

Weinstein, according to Cuniff, requested a new trial before this sentence because two jurors had opposing viewpoints based on knowledge concerning Jane Doe 1’s relationship with another witness they were unaware of.

“That is false. I wasn’t there.” Weinstein is in court, vehemently asserting his innocence. But Los Angeles County Judge Lisa Lench denied his request for a new trial and issued the proper punishment.