Tammy Slaton is being bid farewell with tears as she prepares for the operation to help her lose weight.

The 36-year-old reality show 1000-Lb. Sisters participant is shown in exclusive footage from the episode that will premiere soon after achieving her weight loss goal. Tammy’s family greets her as she exits the rehabilitation center, encouraging her as she prepares for the critical event.

“I’m concerned about Tammy. Anything might go wrong in the operation room,” Amy Slaton explains. “It’s difficult to envision my life without my sister.”

When Tammy leaves the facility in the film, she is surprised to discover her loved ones gathering outside with joyful posters and confetti.

The family hung a banner that read, “Merry Christmas! You are the queen, Tammy!” Nevertheless, she did admit that the beautiful gesture would bring tears to her eyes.

“They created a poster for me, each individual present had written a few words to honor me. This is about me because I’m the queen, and I’m just expressing that,” Tammy laughs.

Tammy also had the opportunity to see her nephew Glenn, born after her sister Amy gave birth to her second kid before she left.

“You will now be able to hold the baby. It’s what drives me to keep going,” she says. “When I return to my house, I have Gage and Glenn to babysit. They are doomed to be Aunt TT’s sons.”

Tammy mentioned that she would not have been able to achieve her weight loss goals without the encouragement and support of her family.

“I am grateful to every one of you for coming. I was reliant on them. “I needed affirmation that their love for me will never change,” she said moments before breaking down in tears.

“They care about me. That was one of the most crucial aspects in my perseverance and progress to where I am now.”