A baby will go through a lot of first times in their first year of life, and their parents are the ones who will provide outlets to these fun new experiences.

Of course, for many parents, it can be frightening and worrying when their child begins entering the more curious phases of their life, where they feel an urge to explore – but with supervision, there is so much that a baby can learn from the world around them!

Today will be this baby’s first time every being in a bathtub – with watchful parental supervision, of course!

Although Mom was a bit worried about this experience, as soon as it starts, she knows it was the right decision and rushes to film it, which in turn blesses us with this adorable video.

This baby’s Dad gently cradles them in the water, speaking gently and softly to them in an incredibly tender bonding moment.

At first, the baby doesn’t seem to notice the water much, but as times goes on, they begin to look around and realize that there are little ripples lapping at their skin.

There’s marvel and amazement in their eyes as they slowly gaze around and move their arms!

This pure and beautiful moment is so cute and really speaks volumes of the unshakable bond between a child and their parent.

This baby is just beginning life and will soon have many more wonderful moments like this one to share with both Daddy and Mommy!

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