Mom Fights For Son, 8, To Keep His Long Hair Despite Schools Rejecting Him

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Remember the rules and regulations in school when you were younger? Some were understandable, like not wearing jewelry during sports, but others seemed unnecessary, like getting in trouble for wearing too much makeup or bringing a can of soda.

School rules can be stifling, especially for children who want to express themselves and be unique. One mother and her 8-year-old son, Farouk James, found themselves in a battle against these rigid regulations, which threatened to deprive the young boy of his education, simply because of his long hair. Farouk’s hair has caught the attention of modeling agencies, and he has even done photo sessions in New York and Italy.

He is now a successful child model. However, his long hair has caused him nothing but trouble at school, leading to rejections from several schools solely based on his appearance. Farouk’s mother, Bonnie Miller, shared that the school had an issue with her son’s long hair. Bonnie explained that Farouk’s father is Ghanaian, so they decided to wait until he was three to shave his head.

However, by that point, both Farouk and Bonnie had grown attached to his beautiful hair and decided to let it grow. In the United Kingdom, where the family resides, most schools have rules against boys having long hair, even if it is allowed for girls. Bonnie argued that these rules violated children’s human rights and launched a petition on to outlaw hair prejudice in the country.

“We’re forming a real team and calling it the Mane Generation,” Bonnie said. “We’re going to fight until these rules are changed, not just in the UK, but globally.” Despite the positive response they receive on Farouk’s mom-managed Instagram account, which has over a quarter of a million followers, they still face hateful comments.

After Bonnie appeared on the U.K.’s ‘This Morning’ to discuss their search for a school that would accept Farouk and his hair, she received a lot of hate mail. Bonnie wrote, “This week is mental health week, so I’m surprised to be receiving lots of negative comments about Farouk’s hair. Farouk’s hair is a God-given part of him, and he will not be cutting it to appease anyone, just as he does not keep it long at my request either.” Bonnie believes that some schools’ policies against hairstyles like dreadlocks or braids are consider racist. She vows to continue fighting not just for Farouk but for all children who face prejudice because they want to express their ethnic identity through their hair.

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  • How The Girl With Fuzzy Hair Looks Today Will Amaze You In 2022, it is unacceptable for schools to reject a child because of their hair. Farouk’s hair is a part of his identity, and these outdated regulations need to be changed. Let’s spread awareness about this issue by sharing this article with our family and friends!