Woman In Coma Was In Heaven And Met Jesus – Then She Came Back With An Important Message From God

Have you ever wondered what happens to the soul after we die? Whether or not you believe in the afterlife, Valerie Paters’ near-death experience (NDE) story will certainly make you think.

Valerie was involved in a horrific car accident with a semi-truck. Her car was completely crushed, and her injuries were severe. The first responders at the scene didn’t believe she would survive. Even when she arrived at the hospital, the chances of her pulling through were slim. In fact, there came a point where she showed no brain activity.

But Valerie’s family and the members of her church refused to give up hope. They came together, joining hands in prayer, and asked God for a miracle. Valerie’s sister, Cheryl, clung to a powerful verse from Psalm 118:17: “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done.” Little did they know that their prayers would lead to something truly extraordinary.

In near-death experiences, many people describe seeing a bright light. Valerie experienced this too. As she fought for her life, she found herself in the presence of Jesus in Heaven. She was overcome with a profound sense of love and belonging. Jesus welcomed her with open arms and an unimaginable level of emotion.

“I felt like I was finally home… like I stepped into, finally, I belong,” Valerie said. “He just wants me. It wasn’t anything that I did for Him. It wasn’t my performance. Nothing. It was just me. I wasn’t just loved by Him. But He was in love with me.”

Valerie’s story captivated the media, and she was invited to share her incredible experience in an interview. Watch the video below to hear her firsthand account. Don’t forget to share this miraculous story with your loved ones on Facebook!