Michael Bublé has stated that his young son’s liver cancer diagnosis has taken a toll on his mental health, adding that he has stopped singing in the shower.

The artist, 46, confesses to being a “wreck” in the years following the 2016 discovery that his eldest child, Noah, had a disease that jeopardized his life.

When questioned why he stopped listening to music, he told the Sunday Telegraph that he “wasn’t even singing in the shower.”

He said that he had placed his profession on hold to “take care of my family and maintain my mental health” and that this was his priority.

Bublé initially thought he’d never perform again, and he stated that the concept “wasn’t even on my radar.” Bublé and his wife, Luisana, have two children: Elias, who is six years old, and Vida, who is three.

Despite returning to recording in 2018, he now admits that he was “still a wreck” and that “there was no way I was ready.”

“I always felt like Teflon; there was never a moment that could get the better of me,” the celebrity continued.

Noah, now eight years old and has recovered, has decided to look for silver linings in the experience.

“I came out, and oh my God, I was a disaster,” Bublé said of a particularly tearful performance following his comeback in 2018. The musician made the revelation after revealing in February that he is expecting his fourth kid.

“For the very first time in the course of my professional life, I was unable to hide how I was feeling emotionally. However, the scenery was breathtaking. I concluded that I no longer have that protection mechanism. And I felt free.”

In December, while speaking to Smooth Radio on his son’s cancer remission, he stated, “He’s incredibly good. This has been going on for nearly five years. We’re still coping with the scans and the “scanxiety” that comes with them. What are you aware of? I believe he is far more capable than either of us.

“You know, for him, he’s this ordinary young guy who is aware that he is a superhero because his father tells him that he is all the time. But, even though my mother and I are doing better, it is certainly something that remains.”