Mason Reese has been abandoned by his considerably younger girlfriend just days after claiming she was not the best lover he had ever had.

Reese, a 57-year-old former child star who rose to popularity in the 1970s after appearing in iconic advertisements, began dating OnlyFans model Sara Russi, 29, in 2019.

On the other hand, Russi left the relationship last week when Reese made a derogatory remark about her bedroom talents in an episode of the web TV show “Love Don’t Judge.”

“It’s been a mess,” Russi said of the breakup in an interview. “He’s said awful things to me, and I’ve done mean things to him, but our relationship has unfortunately devolved into that of roommates.”

The couple’s three-year courtship drew much media attention, not only because of their age difference but also because of their significant height disparity.

Reese is only 4 feet 10 inches tall and relies entirely on a mobility scooter. On several occasions, Russi was spotted traveling in the car with her much-older beau, prompting charges of gold-digging.

Reese is asked if Russi is the best lover he’s ever had in the episode “Love Don’t Judge,” uploaded on YouTube last week.

“I’m not the greatest I’ve ever been — let’s just say that,” Reese replied coyly, avoiding the subject with self-deprecation.

Sitting close to her partner, Russi exclaimed, “You said I was!”

“I don’t recall saying that,” Reese shouted, sparking an awkward on-screen argument.

While the awkward talk may have been the reason for the couple’s breakup, they’ve previously discussed their incompatible libidos.

Reese admitted in 2019 that he was frequently hornier than younger Russi, who couldn’t keep up with his greedy desire.

“I certainly have a bit more sex drive – I’ve always been a sexually motivated guy. I know I don’t seem it, but I am,” the petite star revealed on the British daytime chat show “This Morning.”

“We have sex twice a week on average,” Reese continued. “I might be happier with three [times a week]. But I think twice is a good compromise.”

Russi admitted in the same interview that sleeping with her lover twice a week seemed “like a lot.”

The pink-haired beauty isn’t languishing after her breakup with Reese. She has admitted to dating another Instagram influencer.

Russi, whose racy OnlyFans account has tens of thousands of followers, isn’t wallowing in her breakup with Reese.

“After our last episode of ‘Love Don’t Judge,’ where he made those statements, we chatted and ended it,” she explained to Femail.

The model also disclosed that she has begun dating another influencer known as Three6.

“We have a lot in common,” Russi gushed about her new love. “I had to coerce Mason into doing videos, but Three6 is all about content creation, which is fantastic. “There’s a lot more chemistry and connection between us.”