Pricilla Presley is fighting Lisa Marie’s will, placing Riley Keough in Graceland’s charge.

Lisa Marie Presley’s friends weigh in on the late singer’s estate, Priscilla Presley’s court battle.

According to a friend of the late singer, Priscilla, a long-time trustee of the Elvis estate who earned $900,000 a year, did not have her contract renewed by Elvis Presley Enterprises in 2020.

“Lisa would be pissed!” exclaimed a Lisa Marie friend who had known her for almost a decade. “She’d be furious that Priscilla is doing this. Riley is an outstanding trustee… Lisa’s youngest girls are in excellent care with her.”

According to a friend, Lisa Marie and Priscilla did not want to sit next to one other during the Golden Globes, which were held earlier in January 2023.

“Lisa didn’t want anything to do with her mother. Over the last seven or eight years, she had been estranged from Priscilla. They only chatted when they had no other choice,” the friend explained.

“The Hollywood Foreign Press Association forced them to sit together at the Golden Awards… Lisa didn’t even go with Priscilla; Jerry Schilling [a longtime Elvis friend] was her chaperone.

A source said that Riley believes Priscilla’s challenge to the late Lisa Marie will go against “her mom’s intentions.”

“Riley wants to keep the family together and preserve Lisa Marie’s legacy, but she believes her grandmother’s actions are tearing the family apart even more,” a source added.

Following Lisa Marie’s death on January 12, 2023, her rep confirmed that Graceland, her father, Elvis Presley’s former home, would be given to her three daughters: Riley, 33, and twins Harper and Finley, 14 years old.

In January, Priscilla’s attorneys filed a petition in Los Angeles disputing the “authenticity and legitimacy” of a 2016 change to Lisa Marie’s trust that removed Priscilla as a co-trustee and placed Keough in charge.