Many people adored Patrick Swayze, but few were aware of the depth of his suffering. When his cancer was found, the entire world felt bad for him.

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The Dirty Dancing star I adored lived his final years in excruciating pain.

The artist had turned into a vegetable after receiving a pancreatic cancer diagnosis, and it appears that he was also a victim of his wife in addition to the misery brought on by the illness.

Serious accusations against Patrick Swayze’s wife, Lisa Niemi, were made not long after his passing in September 2009.

She beat the actor over their 34 years of marriage, even during the latter years of his life when he was ill and in a wheelchair, according to a source who claims to be a friend of the family.

The family acquaintance even said that Niemi ignored him in the latter weeks of his life, when disease had rendered him unable to take care of himself, especially on the days when the nurse was off and left him unchanged and in filthy clothing.

“She used to hit him, as well as the furniture and the walls. They frequently got into arguments, and I constantly attempted to mediate the situation. They damaged their own home, automobiles, and hotel rooms.” She told the reporters, “It was a relationship of abuse.”

When asked if Niemi had beaten her husband when he battled the illness for 21 months, she said, “Oh, sure.”  She had no respect for anything.

According to the source, Niemi “struck him with her fists and palms” and “ruled his life in blood,” choosing how much money to spend while being completely aware that the sickness the actor was afflicted by, involved incredible costs.

Charlotte Stevens, a childhood friend of Swayze’s, claimed she frequently encouraged the actor to leave Niemi after finding that his wife was having affairs with both men and women, supporting the source’s claims.

The Dirty Dancing actor’s wife, who she has been together since they were both 15 years old, denied the claims made by the two sources.


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