Because Bruce Willis’ health is deteriorating, his entire family has gathered around him.

The actor’s health appears to be deteriorating by the day. The actor’s will was amended more than six months after his family discovered he had aphasia, a disorder that limits his capacity to understand and speak.

A relative said, “He can’t say much anymore and doesn’t appear to understand what everyone says to him.”

Only a small percentage of his fortune would go to his three daughters from his marriage to Demi Moore, whom he divorced in 2000 but kept a close relationship with for the sake of the children. The three daughters will each receive a million dollars.

In fact, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughters frequently post images of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis together, indicating that their friendship is quite close, even if each has gone on with their lives.

Tallulah, the two stars’ youngest daughter, shared a photo with her parents, expressing how grateful she is to spend the holidays with them.

The majority of the actor’s fortune of more than $240 million will go to his current wife and their two daughters.

Will he ever appear in front of the camera again, with his devilish eyes and a sidelong glance? Unfortunately, it looks that this potential is fading week by week.

According to one of his cousins who contacted to Radar Online, Bruce Willis had been suffering from aphasia for some months before announcing his retirement last March.

A fully degraded source who reported the actor’s dreadful living conditions. “He can’t say much anymore, and he doesn’t appear to understand much of what people say to him,” he continued. ” There are days when they see the old Bruce, but they are few and far between.”

His wife Emma and his ex-wife Demi Moore are the two women in Bruce Willis’ life who are always there for him in any situation. “She’s been in constant contact with Bruce and Emma. She takes advantage of every opportunity to be with him.”  According to the same source, if she isn’t at his side, the American actress who is the mother of Bruce Willis’ first three daughters calls him so he can hear his voice.

His girls are his pillars.

Rumer (34), Scout (31) and Tallulah (28), three young women who find it distressing to see their father’s health decline to such an extent on occasion. All three of them routinely post images of him on social media, but according to their family, “they miss miss the old Bruce.”