Teresa Parent, who used to weigh 600 pounds, is preparing for a life-changing treatment to remove superfluous skin after shedding 370 pounds.

While she waits for the loose skin to be removed, a woman who lost all that weight posted a video of her body.

Teresa Parent, who used to weigh 600 pounds, told her TikTok followers that she struggles to survive because she refuses to allow her loose skin get in the way of her achievement.

So far, the Californian weight-loss champion has lost 370 pounds, leaving her with a “hanging apron” of loose skin.

Teresa sobbed in the video, which has earned over 1.7 million views, “I used to weigh 600 pounds and I have worked really hard over the last four and a half years of my life to shed 370 pounds.”

“In four days, I’ll have an abdominoplasty treatment to remove my hanging apron stomach. As you can see, it reaches my knees. It looks like this when I sit down.”

“It makes me look much bigger than I am. Despite the fact that it’s painfully painful, embarrassing, and shameful, I try to focus on the fact that I’m a weight loss warrior.”

“I fought hard to save my own life, but everything will be gone in a few days, and my life will be dramatically enhanced.”

“I’m recording this for my personal benefit and sharing it with you all in the hopes that it can normalize obesity, loose skin, and other weight loss side effects.”

She stood up and finished her sentence by saying, “This is what my dangling apron stomach looks like when I’m standing up. As you can see, it drapes somewhat.”

It physically and emotionally bothers me so much, and I can’t wait to have the skin removed.

Her weight loss has received positive feedback from fans, who say she has inspired them to take better care of themselves.

One user remarked, “You’re managing this with a lot of grace. Please know that we support you.”