Shocking case a few days ago. A woman froze in fear when she saw what animal entered her house. Lisa Fjukstad, 38 years old and mother of two children, lived tragic moments after a giant snake entered their house.

How the snake got into the family home

Last week, Lisa Fjukstad was sitting and relaxing on the sofa at home in Brevik, Porsgrunn. Her twins, Terje and Mie Fjukstad-Berg, nine, had just returned from school.

An hour after their arrival, Lisa heard a scream from one of the segments, which seriously frightened her. “Mom, there’s a snake in the hallway! I’m not kidding! And it’s big! ”

The woman rushed to the hall, where in the corner of the corridor lay a huge snake, about a meter long, black. The front door was open. “I was shocked and completely terrified.

Who do you call when you have such an emergency? I thought I should drive him away, “she said. Immediately, Lisa called her husband. All the while, her son came with a toy gun with rubber bullets trying to aim at the snake.

The woman said that when she tried to approach to chase him, the snake began to hiss at her. This scared her terribly. Immediately after the screed began to surround a shoe rack in the hallway. “It was wrapped around a plant I have there. He was whistling as he looked at me. He was surreal, he whistled three times, “Lisa said.

The solution to the problem was a spider spray. The woman struggled for 45 minutes to get rid of the pet. She continued to spray the snake to make him leave the house, and it worked.