He was poor, and his wife had just given birth, so he went to buy a washing machine.

This story deeply impressed the internet. A father with limited financial means was separated from one of the biggest shocks of his life. Here’s what happened.

Chris is a new dad whose financial situation is not really good. He had to buy a washing machine and a tumble dryer for his family, as a new member came. He had a limited budget, so he looked for the cheapest option and that’s how he met David who was selling exactly what he needed.

The starting price for the two household items was $ 500. Chris chose to tell him the situation in his family to understand exactly why he would want a price reduction. After hearing the story, David agreed to sell the household items for $ 400.

What a gesture David made for Chris

After David received the sum of money from the new father, he thought about the situation and made a decision that impressed many people. David decided to put Chris’s money in the washing machine.

He thought he needed that money more and would make a nice gesture to donate his household items without earning a single dollar. Impressed to tears, Chris told everything on the internet.

“I told him that my wife had just given birth and that I would be grateful if he would accept to receive only $ 400. He accepted I got home, I tested the products and everything seemed to work perfectly. But when I opened the dryer, I found the $ 400 inside.

He left me a note and told me it was a gift for my child. God, words can’t describe how grateful I am right now. I feel so honored that I felt the need to tell everyone about David’s gesture. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ”Chris said.